Subtle Glam*

Going out for a night out on the town? …or a hot date? or maybe your just having dinner with your bffs..and you want a subtle way to “glam” things up…

“the trick & treat”

try wearing a  BIG “in your face” ring and match your nail polish with that ring. [ex. if you have on ring and the main gem is sapphire blue, paint your nails that color or close to that color.] Its sublte, its eye-catching and its glamorous and people will notice…believe me. ❤

**as you can see its simple to match up your accessories with your nail polish.  Go Crazy with it!**

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Eyebrows 101*

When it comes to eyebrows ladies…please keep in mind less is NOT more. Over tweezed eyebrows are so NOT attractive. I’m not saying they should be “bush gardens” but they shouldn’t be crazy thin either.

“the trick”

*Should you over tweeze, try a pencil especially made for eyebrows. NO lip liner or eyeliner pencils PLEASE! they tend to be overly dark and then you get the ” I painted my eyebrows on look” and that isn’t cute either.

**Keep in mind eyebrows can totally MAKE or BREAK your face…

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Glitz Quick*

 It’s 11:00 p.m. and your bff texts you and says “we’re going out tonite, I’ll be at your house in 30min.” The first thing you think is… “AHHH, what am I gonna wear?” “It’s gonna be impossible for me to get ready in 30min.” That seems to happen to me a lot…and I found that pairing two simple items together will totally make your outfit look glam and seem like you spent forrrreverrr putting it together…

“the trick”

Find a glitzy top[try hitting up H&M, Forever21, or Express] and pair it with any hip hugging mini. The bling on the top will make it seem like you put a lot of thought into your ensamble…So the next time your pressed for time grab a “blingy” top and a mini and your good to go. =]

*and of course don’t forget your ACCESSORIES!

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Make ME Bright!

Are you always wearing the same “plain jane” colors on your eyes but you wanna jazz things up but are afraid to??? DONT BE! Play with colors!! especially at night. Going out with friends or going out on a date is a good way to play up your eyes and make them sparkle like they should!!

the “treat”

*try some different shades of pinks, aquas, purples, greens, whatever u want! Keep trying til’ you find what looks best on YOU!

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EYE catching Eyelashes*

In my opinion there is only a couple of accesories that you  MUST ALWAYS have…



There is a couple of ways to get BOLD lashes…

1. You can buy them LoL.

& 2. You can combine 2 different kinds of mascara, I combine Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Mascara and Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender Mascara…

the “trick & treat

Put on the lengthening mascara first, its thinner than normal and volum’ mascara this way you will avoid the clumps, then apply the volum’ mascara. [apply 2 coats…or more depending on how BIG & BOLD you want them] I apply like 3 or 4 coats. =]  this is a great way to get “look at me lashes” without buying the actual falsies. ENJOY~<3

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Look HOTT off the Runway…for less!

“the trick & treat”

 Alexander McQueen, Michael Kors, Givenchy,  Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace, Betsey Johnson…Do those names ring a bell?? Well if they don’t let me fill you in…these are just a few of thee TOP designers in the world, they make AMAZING clothes, scents and etc, BUT there is often one little itty bitty problem…WHO CAN AFFORD THEM??? I know I can’t, BUT there is a way to look like you can. Hit up H&M!!! They have AWESOME clothes, shoes, accessories, and even a FREE magazine that gives you a lil’ inside scoop on what is HOTT and 80% of whats HOTT in the magazine is the H&M brand! and did I mention EVERYTHING is CRAZY CHEAP!! Its fantastic! I’ve been shopping at H&M for while now and I will probably never stop, they’ll have to go outta business first LoL. If you haven’t checked out you local H&M, I strongly suggest you do…you’ll love the clothes and the prices! =]<3

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Foundation Frustration*

“the trick”

Ladies, are you a little fed up with your foundation because you  can’t seem to find a foundation that matches your complexion??? There is actually a “key rule” when finding your perfect foundation. Ask yourself this; Am I using the right undertones?? Women often get a little stumped when it comes to foundation because they don’t know what color REALLY matches their skin…So give this a try the next time your foundation shopping and let me know how you made out! ❤

if your…

*African-American: Go for orange-brown undertones.

*Hispanic: Go for peachy undertones.

*Asian: Go for Yellow undertones

*Caucasian: Go for pink undertone

~Try Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse, they have an awesome slecetion of different shades, from light light to Deep Dark =]<3

**You can also trying mixing different foundations.**

***And for the ladies that DON’T wear foundation or don’t like to, try a tinted moisturizer [with SPF of course] =]<3***

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